Floor Coating Products

For Residential, Industrial, and Commercial Floors

Our chip system offers stylish, durable floor options in a variety of patterns and colors.

With extreme durability and chemical resistance, quartz floors are built for tough environments.

Add a pop of vibrant color with the 3D marbleized look of our sturdy, yet stylish metallic systems.

Our polyurea shop floor systems have all the features you could want in a safe, durable floor.

Our solid color epoxy system is cost-effective yet highly durable—perfect for large spaces!

Unlike traditional materials, polyurea can withstand extreme temperatures, chemicals, and abrasions.

Looking for a rapid cure polyurea material that will form a smooth transition from the wall to the floor? Form cove is your answer to keep you project on time and looking great.

Don't replace damaged concrete when our repair solutions can make the surfaces look new again!

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